HWWI Commodity price indices

Reliable figures as a basis for decision-making

Events on the global commodity markets are characterized by strong dynamics. In addition to the specific developments of individual commodities, the focus of interest is increasingly on cross-market trends and risks. To be able to identify and assess these developments, evaluation tools based on solid scientific foundations are required. The HWWI commodity price index can be effectively used for this purpose. The world market prices of the most important globally traded commodities from all sub-segments of commodity trading are recorded and condensed into a meaningful index using an objective weighting methodology. The weekly calculation based on the latest data ensures that the information is always up-to-date and generates high-frequency time series for differentiated trend and volatility analyses.

Monthly values of the HWWI commodity price indices

Development over time of the index values

The values of the HWWI commodity price index and its sub-indices are sent to subscribers either as daily values or as monthly averages, depending on the type of subscription. In addition to the current values of the indices, subscribers have access to high-frequency, long-term time series that can be used to identify trends as a basis for forecast models.

The monthly values of the HWWI commodity price index and the individual sub-indices (US dollar and euro basis) are shown graphically in the following figures.

Press releases

Developments on the commodity markets during the previous month

The HWWI publishes current developments of the HWWI commodity price index and their economic background in the form of monthly press releases for media representatives and the interested public. The press releases, which are published in German and English, analyse the development of the overall index and the sub-indices during the previous month.

14. August 2023

HWWI Commodity Price Index increases in July

• Index for Energy Raw Materials increases by 7.9% (US Dollar basis)
• Index for Industrial Raw Materials increases by 4.2%
• Index for Food and Beverages declines by 0.2%

Press release

Articles in the journal “Wirtschaftsdienst”

Current trends in the development of commodity prices are analysed semi-annually in German-language articles published in the journal "Wirtschaftsdienst" under the heading "Konjunkturschlaglicht".
19. March 2021

Commodity prices under the influence of COVID-19

By Claudia Wellenreuther
No. 101, 2021· Issue 2 ·
P. 147–148

15. February 2020

Raw material price development in 2019

By Claudia Wellenreuther
No. 100, 2020 · Issue 2 ·
P. 147–148